Discover Your Authentic Leadership
One-Day Seminar for Women

Many successful business women encounter significant obstacles and roadblocks to authentic leadership, most of which are invisible—embedded in the expectations of our dominant corporate cultures. The higher you go in the organization, the more intense these challenges become. At the top, traditional views of leadership are more firmly entrenched and there are fewer female role models and colleagues to provide support. Many women try the doomed strategy of adopting the male model or they become disheartened and reluctantly limit their aspirations and potential.

Leadership begins from within and moves outward. . . .Leadership builds as you express your unique insights and contributions in specific organizational roles and situations. . . . Leadership succeeds when you build shared commitments and achieve extraordinary results with others.

Women do not need to adopt the male model or opt out of corporate leadership. There is another way: develop your authentic leadership style and learn how to leverage this strength in any corporate setting.

In this seminar, you will discover
reasons why adopting the male model of leadership won’t work for most women
strengths of your personal leadership style
compelling concerns that drive you to succeed
personal expression that gives you more power and influence
ways to generate conversations that build shared action plans and commitment
significant opportunities for you and your organization that emerge when
   you are truly authentic

Discover, Develop and Enjoy. . . .
. . . .More Integrity and Clarity in Your Life
. . . .Greater Strength and Impact in Your Work

“The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside.”
Dag Hammarskjöld.

Kathleen M. Flanagan
is executive consultant and founder of Leadership Communication Inc. She helps corporate executives, leadership teams and boards produce change, set direction, generate good decisions, inspire action and achieve success through powerful communication and interaction. Formerly Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication for Nuveen Investments, she has an MBA from the University of Chicago and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. She continued graduate study at the Loyola University Center for Organization Development.



Leadership Communication Inc.
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