Leadership concerns that we address:
Bringing about change in the behavior of other people is rarely easy. Yet, influencing others to move in an aligned, positive direction is the essence of leadership. Effective interpersonal communication is often the key to success, especially in situations when leaders are:

Wanting to retain the enthusiasm of top performers who are eager for an inspiring vision and an aggressive action plan
Seeing troubling reactions to different styles, perspectives and priorities that keep team members from benefiting from individual and group strengths
Encountering resistance by key team members who are focused on individual goals without consideration of overall organizational priorities
Striving to create an environment of honesty and trust that will enable the team to move forward more rapidly and effectively, with innovation and risk taking
Eager to see results that reflect the full potential of the team

How we help our clients achieve results:
How we help our clients achieve results
In more than two decades of experience we have helped senior managers, high profile teams and organizations to achieve outstanding results. Through diverse and creative methods and process improvements, we have:

Revitalized board commitment to a struggling nonprofit organization that was nearing bankruptcy and dissolution, by improving communications and restoring trust, which enabled the group to raise more than $500,000 for new programs, create programs presented at major cultural institutions and produce an internationally recognized documentary.
Fostered a productive dialogue among key women leaders of a global human resources firm, which resulted in the formation of a vital women’s network to address client, community and associate development.
Re-energized the leadership of a community organization that was stalled two years into a five-year strategic plan. By helping them to examine assumptions, increase direct communication and define responsibilities they were able to introduce a significant new program as a team effort.
Transformed a major bank’s creative services department from an internal service bureau with low aspirations to a full-service creative agency that consistently provided high quality at significant cost savings.
Enabled the independent governance board of an educational institution within a for-profit corporation to understand how differences in personal styles clouded their discussions of valid structural issues. This process enabled the board to improve relationships with the parent company while integrating shareholder and community goals.

The services we provide
We offer a variety of services that help clients to improve their leadership communication and achieve the results they seek.

Individual coaching of leaders to help them clarify goals, identify obstacles, develop realistic action plans to address required changes, and stay focused on these plans despite the common static and distractions of management roles.
Team assessments to identify issues and communication patterns that are inhibiting ability to achieve results. Frequently the process of sharing this research with the team triggers a new level of aligned, positive action.
Development workshops to enable group members to gain insights and skills needed for team effectiveness, including dialogue training and conflict resolution skills.
Leadership and board retreats to enable the leadership team to clarify goals and responsibilities, recognize critical dimensions of success, and develop action plans for improved leadership communication.

Kathleen M. Flanagan is an executive consultant, public speaker and founder of Leadership Communication Inc. She helps corporate executives, leadership teams and boards produce change, set direction, generate good decisions, inspire action and achieve success through powerful communication and interaction. Formerly Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, for Nuveen Investments, she has an MBA from the University of Chicago and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. She continued graduate study at the Loyola University Center for Organization Development.



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